Don Kruse has been learning the trade of the sysadmin since 1984 when he began using his mom’s KayPro computer. In 1988 he set up his first Token Ring network for the camera shop he managed. In 1992 he was using his first Mac after years with DOS and Windows. During the dot-com era he legitimized his de-facto role as a sysadmin at literally the first dot-com (they invented the banner ad). A little Mac OS 9, a little Windows NT, and a wee bit of Solaris.

Mobility came early in the form of a “portable” 386 Compaq laptop. The Apple Newton. Several Palm Pilots. A few devices that created peer-to-peer wireless networks in the days before 802.11b (anyone remember Ricochet?). I still have my first Apple Macintosh PowerBook 160 and it still works (just barely). Nowadays he can be found exercising demons from a set of Xserves, setting up a SMTP server so his wife can send email from London, demonstrating how to edit an Excel spreadsheet on an iPad, or how to connect to a Filemaker solution using an iPhone. He is the IT Manager at a mid-sized law firm with over 130 computers, 40 iPhones, 12 iPads, and an ancient phone system that despite its age is VoIP ready.